India and her rich culture has always been a matter of interest and intrigue to people across the globe since long. While several scholars and connoisseurs in and out of India have carried out several studies in various aspects of Indian culture, it has not been without lack of credibility on several occasions. This has therefore quite often resulted in misinterpretations and has led to a large amount of ambiguity and confusion on several fronts.

The potentials of India and her people have to be restudied and rediscovered with a modern and scientific outlook. For this, it is very important to quarry and represent the annals of India’s past and heritage in front of her own people as well as the world.

The world is looking at India, with an unparalleled expectation that she and her spirit, with divine capacities will emerge as a preceptor on the global plane. The emergent potential of India and her people is seen by the imminent harmonious global order as an ideal and an epitome.

The seat of Jagatguru, which is being conferred on India and her people, has to be claimed by her in the right way and in consonance with global expectations. This moral position of India can only be asserted through a meticulous and ingenious engagement with her spirit and capacities.

Since the ages unknown, India and Indian man has been the truthful and novel contributor to the world and its cultures. The expressions of India’s prowess have always been with a genuine intention of contributing originally towards the creation of “Vishwasanskruti”.

“Krunvanto Vishwam Aryam” and “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” have been the core tenets of India’s physical and metaphysical aspirations and expressions.

Today, when the current ideological and material perspective seem to fail in providing answers to the apparent questions, it has generated a vacuum of thought on the world level, which if left unheeded will push the world towards further chaos.

Can the answers to these paralytic issues and trials be found in the core prowess of India and Indian Man? This is a question that we have to answer with not just a confident positive response but also with a scientific and truthful feedback.

The heart and mind of India’s past and spirit have to be opened up in front of her people as well as the world. The dialogue that will ensue, the studies that will result and the answers that will emerge will direct us towards a firm understanding of our role and responsibility towards the future of India as well as of the world.