Following the results of the international conference “India and Kazakhstan: from the community of history to the common future”, organized in 2009 by the Institute of Oriental Studies named after. R.B. Suleimenov MES RK together with the Indian Cultural Center (Astana), the resolution recommended the establishment of the Kazakhstan-Indian Forum as a coordinating center in the implementation of joint projects, as well as the integration of scientists, research, educational, cultural organizations in the field of information exchange and development.

MISSION : To promote understanding and cooperation between people, communities, institutions of Kazakhstan and India, within the global context.


  • Advance track-1,5, track-2 and people-to-people cooperation and links between Kazakhstan and India
  • Promote greater resilience in the following focus areas: Culture, Education, Research, Business

STRATEGIC VISION : From shared history to shared future in an interdependent world,
through culture and education, research and innovation.

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