Sanskritotsav – 3rd August to 1st September, 2020 Schedule of Speakers
Date Day Time Speaker Topic
3-Aug-20 Monday 11:00 a.m. Dr. Sampadanand Mishra The need and relevance of Sanskrit studies for the torch bearers of Bharatiya Sanskriti in various fields
4-Aug-20 Tuesday 12.00 p.m. Dr. Laura Yerekesheva From Gandhara to Serindia: Cross-Cultural Encounters and Images of the “Other” in Central Asian Art
5-Aug-20 Wednesday 11 a.m onwards   Quizomania
6-Aug-20 Thursday Pre recorded Libbie Mills The Useful Sanskritist
7-Aug-20 Friday 11 a.m Shriram Agashe Shriramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda
8-Aug-20 Saturday 11 a.m Prof Gopbandhu Mishra Importance of Sanskrit Grammar
9-Aug-20 Sunday 11 a.m Interview Dr. Sucheta Bhide Chapekar NrityaGanga- Search & Research
10-Aug-20 Monday 11 a.m Acharya Vidyabhaskar Nine Rasas and their embodiment in the Kashmiri interpretive tradition, Natyashastra, Dhvanyaloka, Svabodhodayamanjari
11-Aug-20 Tuesday 11 a.m Dr. Lalita Namjoshi Concept of Prana in the Upanishads
12-Aug-20 Wednesday 11 a.m Dr. Amrapali Patil Integrated Therapies
13-Aug-20 Thursday 11 a.m Shri. Vikas Gokhale Naradabhaktisutras
14-Aug-20 Friday 11 a.m Dr. Ulka Natu Yoga for Women
15-Aug-20 Saturday 6.30 p.m. Mariano Iturbe Ancient Western Philosophy
16-Aug-20 Sunday 11:00 AM Dr. R. G. Murali Krishna संस्कृतभाषायाः वैभवं विज्ञानञ्च
17-Aug-20 Monday 11 a.m Prof. Malhar Kulkarni  
18-Aug-20 Tuesday 11 a.m Shriram Agashe  
19-Aug-20 Wednesday 11 a.m Deepak Bagadia Yoga
20-Aug-20 Thursday 11 a.m Gauri Moghe Samaveda: the source of Indian Music
21-Aug-20 Friday 11 a.m Prasad Bhide Introduction to Linguistics & its roots in Indian Knowledge Systems
22-Aug-20 Saturday 11 a.m Rajashree Deshpande Comparison of Advaita Vedanta & patanjali Yoga Sutra
23-Aug-20 Sunday 11 a.m Dr. Gauri Mahulikar Rishi Panchami – The Seven Rishis and their Social /Societal symbolism
24-Aug-20 Monday 11 a.m Prof.Dr. Kanchan Mande The Relevance of the Upanishads in Modern Age
25-Aug-20 Tuesday 11 a.m Mohsina Mukadam Food History : Historiography, Methodology & Sources
26-Aug-20 Wednesday 11 a.m Neelima Kadhe नृत्य चित्र आणि शिल्पातील अंतर्बन्ध  
27-Aug-20 Thursday 11 a.m Prof Jayant Bapat In Search of the Elusive Goddess
28-Aug-20 Friday 5-6pm Dr. Ganesh Rao  
29-Aug-20 Saturday 11 a.m. Dr. Ranjana Naigoankar Tantra and Mantra
30-Aug-20 Sunday 11 a.m Rudraksh Sakrikar An outline of Systems of Indian Philosophy
31-Aug-20 Monday 11 a.m P. C. Jain Cataloging of Manuscripts
1-Sep-20 Tuesday 11 a.m Dr. Kala Acharya Purusharthas & their Contemporary Relevance

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